Air-thru-window Filter

keeps your home free from outdoor micro pollutants, allergens and dust.

Air-thru-window Filter

  • is a set of detachable air-filtering segments, that can fit in any size of sliding window,
  • blocks outdoor micro pollutants, allergens and dust at the window of your house,
  • never consumes power, but always provides fresh clean air to your family,
  • isolates temperatures, helping your house stay warm in cold days and cool in hot days.

This air filter is necessary for those homes located near busy streets, freeways or air-polluted zones. It also protects your family from allergies and wildfire ash.

(See “AIR POLLUTION REFERENCES” at the bottom)


Products will be shipped as early as March 15th, 2021. We are not able to start production due to insufficient orders.

Pre-production discounts:

50% Off for Orders before January 20th, 2021.

35% Off for Orders before January 31st, 2021.

25% Off for Orders before February 15th, 2021.


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*  Air-thru-window Filter is only available for horizontally sliding windows now, and will be available for vertically sliding windows in a near future.

 Foam filler can be cut to size easily

 Air-thru-window Filter is easily installed

Insert filter cartridge into case at either end first…

…then pull the tab at the other end.

How many components to buy for your window:

Follow this instruction to order the complete set of Air-thru-window Filter to fit in your window.

Requirement:  Window track Width must be 1.25″ or more.

Step 1

Measure from Top of the window track (left image), to Lower Edge of the window opening (lower left image).

Write the measurement in “Feet” (Ft) and “Inches” (In). 



38 In = 3 Ft + 2 In

Step 2

The number of “Ft” in the measurement is the quantity of Cases and Cartridges you need.  The number of “In” in the measurement is the quantity of Spacers you need.



The image on the left shows measurement of 3 Ft + 2 In, so you need to buy 3 Cases, 3 Cartridges, and 2 Spacers.



If the number of “In” is 6 or more, then you need 1 more extra Spacer.

Example:  For measurement of 5 Ft + 6 In, you need 5 Cases, 5 Cartridges, and 7 Spacers.

AIR POLLUTION REFERENCES: Follow the links bellow to learn more about outdoor air pollution.

American Lung Association

Keck Medicine of USC

National Institute of Environment Health Sciences

UCLA Health